iPhone OS running on a Mac Pro and a 24-inch touchscreen

I‘d like to know how this was done and if it is real. If it is real then someone has installed a bootable version of iPhone / iPod touch OS onto a Mac Pro that is connected to a 24-inch touchscreen monitor and is able to navigate it as if it is a very large iPhone. The infrared remote control is used to replicate the Home button on the iPhone / iPod touch. If it is fake, then it’s a video of actions from an iPhone to which the guy has choreographed his movements:

@davezatz thinks it’s faked. I suspect it may be real. My one big no, it’s a fake thought is the screen. That’s a 24-inch Dell screen and unless its been hacked somehow, it’s not a touchscreen. A multi-touch capable touchscreen is even less likely.

This, on a hackintoshed netbook / tablet with a touchscreen would = a nice iTablet.

[Found via @ryancarson]

UPDATE: Since this originates from Dreamfield.se, a group that works on HD post-production (note their about section: “Dreamfield are working with any aspect of post production and the main body of our products are made in-house.”), I’m now 99% sure this is a fake. A cool fake, though, and something I’d like to see materialize someday as real.

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4 Responses to iPhone OS running on a Mac Pro and a 24-inch touchscreen

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  2. Conrad says:

    Very clever, although they forgot one minor detail: there’s no spinning loading icon when the phone boots!

  3. Morgan says:

    Ah! The new 24″ multi-touch Dell monitor with an IR sensor smack-dab in the center. 100% fake. Beautiful work though.

  4. Pretty neat though!

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