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Bibliotech: Mark Jeffrey speaks with Otis Chandler, Goodreads founder and CEO

My good friend Mark Jeffrey, the CTO of Mahalo and author of The Pocket and the Pendant, is hosting a new online video show about books and technology: Bibliotech.

On the first episode, he speaks with Otis Chandler, the founder and CEO of Goodreads, which is a great social networking site for people who love to read. If you sign up for it, make sure you add me as a friend, so we can compare books. The show is interesting, because they not only talk about books, but they talk about emerging publishing models of ebooks, new technical innovations like the Amazon Kindle, the rise of e-ink readers, book piracy, and how the rise of online media has removed the power once held by the New York Times Book Review to make a book an instant best seller. The first episode of Bibliotech is embedded below:

Mark, you should be a guest on Let’s Talk Lit! and discuss your books and things like the recent announcement that Scribd will be getting Simon & Schuster titles.