wahDear everyone who is still under AT&T 2-year contract and who is upset about the iPhone 3G to iPhone 3G S upgrade cost: WAH!

Welcome to the way the cellphone industry works.

Also, look on the bright side: Doom will play on your regular 3G iPhones anyway (although from what everyone is saying about the hardware and graphics in the 3G S, I don’t know how long before “There’s an app for that” changes to “There’s an app for that if you have the iPhone 3G S.UPDATE: The trailer for Doom Resurrection for the iPhone is embedded at the end of this post.

Seriously, please stop crying and shut up already. I’ve been using a first generation iPhone for 2 years. I’ve earned the right to enjoy my new nicely subsidized $199 iPhone 3G S without listening to all your nonsensical bellyaching.

[Creative Commons photo Baby David is crying by David Fulmer and slightly modified by me]

3 thoughts on “Regarding the iPhone 3G to iPhone 3G S upgrade cost

  1. Yeah, I’m tired of seeing the same gripefest on Twitter and elsewhere about this. I bought iPhone 1.0 two days after launch and when they revved to the 3G model last year, I didn’t qualify for the subsidized upgrade. Now with the 3GS I do, and I’m going to get the new phone in July because 1) I can afford it and 2) IT’S MY TURN, BITCHES.

  2. This is the problem with Apple’s breaking into the non-smartphone users… These are the same guys who used to go in for an upgrade, get the free phone, but spend $60 on faceplates and holsters and car chargers…

    So I’ve been hearing for the last 2 years about how awesome Joe-Shmoe’s iPhone is (when everything they *actually* do with their iPhone could have been done on their free Nokia), and now I have to hear them bitch about how they actually have to pay the Actual Price for their phone.

    This is one of the reasons I hate Apple’s marketing department… they didn’t ‘take over’ the smartphone market, they created their own new market… but now they’re complaining about an extra $200 for the cell phone they want, when they don’t even realize they’re spending $1500/year for the service (plus taxes)…

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