Google just launched Google Squared Labs today (although to be fair Google has flagged it as “experimental,” which would seem to be Google’s new replacement for slapping “Beta” on the end of everything). As a few other people have noted, it doesn’t really work that well, although it is an interesting idea. So what’s the best thing to do with all such semi-functional technology? Why create a completely pointless and time-wasting game out of it, of course!

Introducing The Google Squared People Chain Game:

Step 1: Go to Google Squared and click on the link underneath the suggested searches to Start with an empty Square.
Step 2: Pick a person and type that person’s name into Google Squared. For this demonstration, I picked “Oprah.”
Step 3: Click in the Add items text box and select the first suggested item that is not already in the list.
Step 4: Repeat Step 3 until you get bored adding new people.
Step 5: Add a few fun columns of terms. For bonus points, add phone numbers and call all the phone numbers.
Step 6: Make note of the odd misfires of Google Squared and try to guess as to what made the machine mind suggest this particular list of people.
Step 7: Figure out how to score this game and/or turn it into a drinking game, come back to this post and then tell me how in the comments.

For this Oprah demonstration, I went 12 deep as if they were disciples, but it quickly got wacky around the second suggestion with Nancy Grace. I don’t picture her and Oprah hanging out. Also, the picture it pulled for Jon Stewart is great and I love the description for Tyra (also, I had no idea that her and I are the same age!). In any case, here’s the saved square of the game based on Oprah.

google squared oprah

Try your own Google Squared People Chains and share the more interesting ones in the comments below!

If you’re still wondering what exactly Google Squared is, you should see this helpful document from Google. UPDATE: Google has a post up about Google Squared on its official blog. Also, there’s a video demo of Google Squared on YouTube that I’ve embedded below.

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  1. Dude, I’m going to do this for free why? I’ve really got much better things to do (at least tonight, anyway), than work for free correcting bad or missing data for a multi-billion dollar corporation.

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