Jonathan Miller, News Corp’s new Chief Digital Officer—whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past first at AOL when he was CEO and I was Managing Editor of Netscape and then at Mahalo when he was on the Board of Directors and I was Editorial Director—said, according to Daily Finance, that he could see a subscription model for some of the TV shows and movies on Hulu. While talking about Hulu’s board meeting on Monday, again according to Daily Finance, he noted:

…in my opinion the answer could be yes. I don’t see why over time that shouldn’t happen. I don’t think it’s on the agenda for Monday [but] it seems to me that over time that could be a logical thing.”


I love Hulu as a way to catch shows that I missed when they were broadcast or as a means to catch shows I never would have watched on TV. Because of this usage pattern, if Hulu were to go to a pay model for all of its content, I would most likely stop using the service entirely.

That being said, if Hulu were to offer a “Pro” subscription account that offered all those shows commercial free and/or were to begin offering content from some of the pay cable channels like HBO and Showtime, I might just shell out the money. If shows like Showtime’s Weeds and HBO’s True Blood were suddenly available on Hulu as part of a subscription, I could finally cancel my hefty cable television bill and enjoy a more a la carte form of media consumption with all my favorite over-the-air network shows in HD via an antenna and all my other content served up by Hulu Desktop. Now that’s something to think about…

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