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Help with New Rochelle parking injustice – UPDATED

I don’t know if anyone out there who tends to read my blog or follow me on Twitter knows how we can go about dealing with this problem, but Kristin and I just received a late notice on a ticket … Continue reading

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Dear DataViz & Quickoffice: Design a keyboard dock for my iPhone 3GS

Dear DataViz and Quickoffice developers: Have you seen all the recent iPhone OS 3.0 keynotes? They’re pretty amazing. OS 3.0 now supports peripherals that interface with actual applications and a few people who were up on stage at these keynotes … Continue reading

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IM+ and BeejiveIM

I spent the weekend mostly on the go out on Long Island using my iPhone 3GS as a laptop substitute on Saturday and as a connected camcorder at a wedding on Sunday. During that time, I also tested two multi-protocol … Continue reading

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How to make a cheap tripod mount for the iPhone 3GS

I‘m still working on my review for Obsessable, but one of the things that I’ve been thinking about since I first received my iPhone 3GS and started shooting video with it was that I needed a tripod mount to use … Continue reading

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Wolverine is a slut

Sure, he’s exceptionally old due to his regenerative mutant power, but according to this amazing X-Men Relationship Chart, one thing is crystal clear: Wolverine is a slut. I mean, wow, that’s a lot of lines. He’s like the Grand Central … Continue reading

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iPhone OS 3.0-savvy push apps arrive

Two of the first useful apps with push notification for iPhone OS 3.0 have arrived as of today, and they’re both chat clients: AIM and Beejive. AIM comes in both pay-with-no-ads ($2.99; direct iTunes link) and free-with-ads versions and both … Continue reading

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Someone finally punched Perez Hilton in the face

I‘m really surprised that it took this long considering the large amounts of smack he talks, but evidently there was some sort of altercation between and Perez Hilton last night, and Perez got hit in the face. Perez is … Continue reading

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