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UPDATE: On June 2nd at E3 2009, Sony officially announced that the PSP Go is real and will be available in North America for $249 on October 1st, 2009. Original post continues below:

The PSP Go has leaked, and I’m wondering how hackable it will be, and if I should start thinking about writing a PSP Go Hacks book to go along with PSP Hacks: Tips & Tools for Your Mobile Gaming and Entertainment Handheld.

The big question is if this new platform has any sort of hardware changes that will prevent the continuing tug of war between homebrew PSP enthusiasts and Sony with its continual firmware updates. Eliot over at Hackaday actually seems to think there might be a chance for Sony to make it Linux-friendly like the PS3, but I’m very skeptical of Sony being so open and forward-thinking with this platform.

There’s even a YouTube video from Qore (embedded below) with my friend Veronica Belmont, so this is a definitely the real deal. But it’s such a huge leak too that I suspect someone inside Sony did this intentionally as a marketing move.

As a PSP owner though, my big question about this new device is whether there is any way to port all my UMD-based content to a PSP Go-friendly format or not. If Sony is looking to upsell current owners onto this new platform, it really needs to come up with a way to do that effectively. I don’t see many people having both a PSP and a PSP Go in their portable gaming arsenals.

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