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Kindle’s browser needs “Save as .txt” feature and a few other tweaks

Dear Amazon: The browser is the feature on the Kindle that has the most potential but which is most sorely in need of improvement. Please add a “Save as .txt” feature to the Kindle’s browser that will allow users to save the current webpage as a .txt file to the Kindle’s documents folder for immediate offline viewing. Thanks.

While you’re at it, the ability to download and save MP3s from the browser directly to the Audible folder would make the Kindle a pretty good portable podcast machine. The ability to save images to the pictures folder would also be great.

Also, this may be more difficult, but if you were to add an “Email linked file to my Kindle” option that would email the file directly to my @kindle.com email address for conversion, that would be awesome.

Finally, I know that ever since the DX was announced you’ve probably received non-stop requests for native PDF support on the Kindle and Kindle 2. I would like to reiterate that request and also ask that you add a “Download PDF” or “Print to PDF” option in the browser that saves a PDF to the documents folder.

What do you think Amazon needs to do to improve the Kindle browser?

(Aside: These new Google embeddable objects are pretty cool).

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