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Poorly-formatted-for-the-Kindle graphic novels now finally viewable on Kindle for iPhone app

My biggest gripe about the Kindle to date has been the first purchase I ever made for the device: City of Glass: The Graphic Novel. I bought this graphic novel when I only had the Kindle for iPhone application, the pictures of the pages showed up on the screen with a thick white border around them and I could not zoom in, so the book was entirely illegible. I thought, “Well, I’ll be getting a Kindle 2 pretty soon anyway, so I’ll just wait and read it then.”

Once I did receive my Kindle 2, I was dismayed to discover that the same large white border that I’d seen on the small screen of my iPhone existed around each page when viewed on the Kindle, and selecting the image with the 5-way controller and clicking to zoom maybe zoomed the image by all of 1% on the screen, as that white border was evidently part of the page design and images only zoom to fit when reading books.

paulaustercityofglass2Figure 1: Screenshot of a zoomed page on Kindle for iPhone app

However, thanks to today’s update of the Kindle for iPhone application, I can now use the iPhone’s multitouch capabilities to pinch and zoom in on each page of the book, so that I can finally read this graphic novel and stop feeling ripped-off by Amazon and the publishers of the book who failed to format it properly.

The viewing in landscape mode is a nice addition, but of all the news about the Kindle for iPhone update, the zoom is the bees knees for me.