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Back A Thousand Shots Photo Project for a chance at a Nikon D70

Here’s the short and sweet on how this project will work if it is fully funded:
1. I will take and release 1000 photographs into the Creative Commons via my Flickr account.
2. I will dedicate a shot for each $1 donated to the donor with a link to whatever that person wants to promote alongside the shot on Flickr, and I will send the donor a high resolution digital original of the file.
3. Once the project is complete and all 1000 pictures have been taken and posted, I will provide an archive of all the pictures in the project for all donors.
4. If the project reaches its full funding, then all donors will have the ability to enter into a random drawing to win my used Nikon D70. Rough details here.
5. The minimum donation accepted is $1.

The project is 14% funded currently with only 15 days left. Tell everyone you know about it and lets get this project fully funded and give someone the chance at getting a Nikon D70. Once the project reaches full funding and completion, I’ll order the Sigma DP2 and begin taking pictures dedicated to donors in the order in which the donation occurred and post regular updates to the Kickstarter project page. I imagine this project will take me at minimum a year, so it should be a fun ride with lots of good images (hopefully).