kickstarterAbout a month ago, I had an idea for a website startup. I registered the name and even talked to one of my developer friends about building it for me, but we’ve both been swamped and haven’t done anything with it besides add an email notification sign up page. The site, which I may still launch someday, is called Sponsor My Art. The idea was a social networking site for artists that would allow them to solicit sponsorship for the creation of their art. One part MyArtSpace and one part Etsy combined with something else.

I got the idea from the need to cast the sculpture I’m currently working on in bronze, finding that it would cost me about $1000 to do so, and thinking, “Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a site where I could set up sponsorship for this project and reward sponsors by entering them in a lottery to win one of the bronze-cast sculptures?” I intended to build a site that would allow this sort of art sponsorship alongside others with a social network for both artists, sponsors/patrons of the arts, and people who were members of both those groups. I still may someday actually work on and launch Sponsor My Art, when I’m not as busy as I have been as of late, as I think it would be a great service. If you agree, please do submit your email for notification. If you have some critiques of the idea, I’m all ears. Please share in the comments below.

So why am I blogging about this now? Well, this week I came across another site that can be adjusted to fill the need that made me come up with the idea in the first place: Kickstarter and after I tweeted about it the other day and contacted them regarding a problem with registering names with initials, one of the people at Kickstarter was kind enough to not only fix it so I could use C.K. instead of CK as my name, but also set me up with an account with the ability to launch a project. Here’s my profile page. Here’s the project that I launched: Support casting my sculpture in bronze.

I’d love to hear what you think of this and if any of you are interested in donating to support my artwork, I will be very grateful and humbled.

Note to the Kickstarter team: I love the service so far, but see the picture accompanying this post? You really need a live embeddable widget that people can stick into blog posts like these that lists updated pledge amounts and the % of funding received. ;-)

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