Over two weeks with the Kindle 2

Now that I’ve had the Kindle 2 for over two weeks, I can say that I love it and that it is a great improvement upon my first generation Sony Reader (which I also loved). I also just finished writing what is perhaps the longest review I’ve ever written about any device over at Obsessable in three parts, a first look, and a set of videos. Here are the links:

I also hacked together an ugly Moleskine case for the device and have installed the Savory hack and the screensaver hack. Also, here’s a boatload of Kindle 2 unboxing and other pictures.

In any case, I’m loving this gadget and if you have the money to burn and you like to read, I’d recommend that you get one too. If you do purchase a Kindle 2, consider using this link: (Kindle 2: Amazon’s New Wireless Reading Device) and sending a little moolah my way if you liked any of the things I’ve written about the device. If you do get a Kindle 2, do yourself a favor and get the free Calibre. It’s great at converting content to Kindle friendly format and comes in OS X, Windows, and Linux flavors.

Oh and in case you were wondering: Yes, you can buy The Lord of the Rings (Trilogy) for the Kindle.

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