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Question for Google Apps Gmail team

Dear Google Team,

Please see this conversation:

cksthree: I wonder if I’m the only person who *still* doesn’t have the Themes tab in my Gmail settings. Google Apps FAIL

about 3 hours ago

kylemroche: @cksthree themes isn’t available in google apps yet… only customer gmail

about 2 hours ago

cksthree: @kylemroche yeah but why? why is the pay-for Gmail option behind the totally free version in terms of functionality?

about 2 hours ago

kylemroche: @cksthree gapps is ahead in some areas and behind in others. 4 enterprise use, apis r more important than themes… it’ll be there soon

about 2 hours ago

cksthree: @kylemroche that sort of makes sense. but if the feature is already working en masse on regular Gmail, how hard to add to gapps too?

about an hour ago

kylemroche: @cksthree that would a good question for @googleatwork.. RT it to them. i’d be interested in the response

about 47 minutes ago

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