We now interrupt our regularly scheduled blogging…

Remember all those non-sensical President Bush stumbling through words he couldn’t pronounce Presidential Addresses that interrupted your prime time television watching and made you say things like, “No honey. Nothing’s on tonight. It’s just the President”?

Well, this season we have a new President (this one can speak in complete sentences!), but I’m betting you’ll probably still say “”No honey. Nothing’s on tonight. It’s just the President.” Only now, thanks to the power of Hulu, I’ve managed to interrupt your prime time viewing of my blog! And with all the people twittering about the speech, you’ll have no where to escape it! Progress!

I predict this video will be filled with “I inherited this problem” and doom and gloom economy talk:

UPDATE: Damn you Hulu for autoplaying with no non-autoplay option. Sorry, everyone. Also, the President is running 7 minutes late. Even more interrupting time!

UPDATE again: Looks like Hulu was only streaming live and wasn’t offering any online archive of the speech. Boo. All in all, it was better than I expected. He didn’t continually focus on what he had inherited from the previous administration (although he did mention it about three times). If an archive of the video becomes freely available, I will add it here later.

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