Underhills Crossing in Bronxville, NY disappoints

Last night, Kristin and I made the unfortunate mistake of planning our Valentine’s Day dinner at Underhills Crossing Restaurant, which is owned by the Westchester Restaurant Group. When we arrived, there were more tables than are normally present in the small restaurant, which we’ve been to multiple times before and enjoyed. They had replaced multiple four tops with two tops stretching in a neat little row down the center of the restaurant, and after they took Kristin’s coat and my own, we were seated about 10 inches from the tables immediately to our right and to our left. This was not exactly the type of intimate Valentine’s Day dinner for which we had hoped. After we were seated for about five minutes talking about how uncomfortable the new seating arrangements were, we realized that the hostess had neglected to bring us menus. It took about 10 more minutes for our server, Greg, to swing by and realize that we were without menus and correct the mistake.

Once we received the menus, Kristin noted that she was surprised that there was no Prix Fix dinner menu offered despite the website stating specifically that they had a Valentine’s Day Prix Fix. Perhaps they had one, but no one bothered to tell us about it, so we ordered from their regular menu. The appetizers were fine and enjoyable, although the fondue we ordered proved a little large for the diminutive table, and the staff was clearly unaccustomed to this puzzle, as we had to ask the gentleman with the fondue, standing there uncomfortably shuffling everything around our table, to remove the flowers so that it would fit.

Through the appetizers, everything was still fine. These were all little annoyances that we would have forgotten had the rest of the meal gone well. Unfortunately, when the entrees arrived, they had brought Kristin a piping hot plate of the standard risotto rather than the lobster risotto special which she had ordered. I quickly drew this to the staff’s attention and they prepared us a new plate of the correct dish that she had ordered… but with only three small pieces of lobster in it. My dinner, the rib-eye, was largely unseasoned, charred black so it actually tasted burnt, and one of the most fat-filled pieces of meat I’ve ever had served to me at a restaurant. It wasn’t a good cut of meat. About half of the full meal that was served to me ended up being cut up pieces of charred fat that remained sitting on the plate. And this from a restaurant owned by the same people who own a steakhouse and oyster bar. Hint to the chef: try using Dale’s Steak Sauce to add some flavor to your meat (pictured).

We were thoroughly irritated at this point and were commenting that in the future we would only come to Underhills for the appetizers, which we do enjoy, but we decided to order dessert because it was Valentine’s Day, after all. The dessert was good, but when the bill arrived, the B&B that I had ordered and which was priced at $8 on the menu was $10 on the bill, no one thought to refund us any money for the entire fiasco with Kristin’s main dish, and it was the most expensive meal that we ever paid for at the establishment. It will also be our last.

I highly recommend that you avoid Underhills Crossing until they start paying more attention to their food and their atmosphere. As we were leaving, we had to wait about 10 minutes for our coats to be retrieved, and as we stood there crowded with other people in the front near the bar, one woman standing nearby waiting with us remarked, “This place needs Gordon Ramsay to come in. How hard is it to get a coat?”

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5 Responses to Underhills Crossing in Bronxville, NY disappoints

  1. Nicole Gustas says:

    All my food industry friends tell me to avoid restaurants on Valentine's Day. “Go the day before, or the day after, but never the day of,” they say.

    I'm happy to report that the meal and the service from Cafe Rainey was impeccable, although I did accidentally drop one bit of mozzarella caprese into the bubblebath.

  2. cksthree says:

    Yeah, next year I think we'll cook a meal ourselves and then go someplace nice for drinks and dessert.

  3. David Parmet says:

    You brought back memories – before Sue and I moved to Pound Ridge we lived in the Yonkers part of Bronxville and Underhills was one of our hangouts. As I remember (and we're going on 8 years now) most of the time they were good but when they were off they were very very bad.

  4. Juan says:

    Fuck this restaurant! They're horrible. In this economy they need to be providing value not trying to nickel and dime customers into has-beens. I am absolutely outraged to hear they pulled this shit on you. It's absolutely fucking stupid and wrong and they don't deserve you. I fucking promise you this, right here and now: if you come to my restaurant on Valentine's day, I will treat you so fucking good your head will spin. I'll treat you like a fucking king because I only do it one way at my place, the best. Only need to remember one fucking thing at Gramercy Tavern, which is, do it fucking best all the time. We have an expression: ABDIFB, always be doing it fucking best. I swear to god, come in some time. No, I wont marinate your steak, but you wont need it because we serve a great product prepared and seasoned properly, fucking A.

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