Twitter conversations with Twickie

Twickie is a pretty interesting new Twitter tool. It lets you see all the people who reply to one of your tweets in one group that you can then paste to your blog, or it lets you see a conversation thread, like the one pasted below the replies example below. It’s still not perfect though, as it missed the first message in the conversation that I said that initiated @whozman replying to me.

In any case, here’s an example of some replies in reply to this tweet (I don’t get why it doesn’t include my original tweet in the embed code / give you that option):

MNForest: Plus, once you&#39ve approved iFart, really – what are your standards???

about a day ago

MNForest: But being able to play Gameboy games on the iPhone is such a justifiable crusade!

about a day ago

And here’s the conversation:

whozman: @cksthree just to clarify: replies gives back first level replies to your tweet. conversation gives tweets historical conversation thread.

about 46 minutes ago

cksthree: @whozman and I&#39m not sure if I fully grok the bookmarklets. they just jump me to the convo/replies to whatever tweet I&#39m on?

about 39 minutes ago

whozman: @cksthree drag bookmarklet to your browsers bar. go to tweet in twitter (not timeline). click on bookmark to get replies (or conversation).

about 35 minutes ago

cksthree: @whozman cool. the replies one is working, but for some reason the convo bookmarklet isn&#39t

about 34 minutes ago

whozman: @cksthree the convo works in opposite direction – you need to go last reply in conversation and then do the convo.

about 32 minutes ago

cksthree: @whozman i just tried again and the convo bookmarklet just isn&#39t working for me. I went to both my last tweet and yours and nothing

about 29 minutes ago

whozman: @cksthree will check

about 27 minutes ago

cksthree: @whozman I just did a manual conversation search off of your last tweet to me and it worked. Just the bookmarklet failing.

about 20 minutes ago

whozman: @cksthree confirmed bug now – I see what is going on there. fix will be out later today.

about 19 minutes ago


cksthree: @whozman great thanks

about 2 hours ago

whozman: @cksthree fix for bookmarklet active now. replace existing one. the original tweet now in convo (maximum 10 deep for now).

about 27 minutes ago

cksthree: @whozman cool awesome. thanks!

about a minute ago

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