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Your Fonts

UPDATE: I made a better version of the font already, so the older crappier drawing has moved below to be replaced by this one: I made this font using Your Fonts. Check it out. Advertisements

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Free download of a great graphic novel: Therefore Repent!

I tweeted this the other day, but I really wanted to underscore it and help spread the word. Jim Munroe announced this on his site the other day while announcing Sword of My Mouth #1, another post-rapture work. I read … Continue reading

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We now interrupt our regularly scheduled blogging…

Remember all those non-sensical President Bush stumbling through words he couldn’t pronounce Presidential Addresses that interrupted your prime time television watching and made you say things like, “No honey. Nothing’s on tonight. It’s just the President”? Well, this season we … Continue reading

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Artists, performing artists, and non-artists

So, as you can probably tell, I’ve been thinking about and creating more art as of late, and I’ve been really thinking about the process of being an artist and the things that get in the way of producing art. … Continue reading

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Okay so I lied with all that talk about not sharing… via current project on Flickr – Photo Sharing.

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How to fix 400 Bad Request in Gmail after Offline Mode

Gmail Offline mode failed me for the second time today as I was testing it. For some reason, it keeps thinking that I’m not online when I am. So I disabled it, but made the mistake of keeping all the … Continue reading

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Underhills Crossing in Bronxville, NY disappoints

Last night, Kristin and I made the unfortunate mistake of planning our Valentine’s Day dinner at Underhills Crossing Restaurant, which is owned by the Westchester Restaurant Group. When we arrived, there were more tables than are normally present in the … Continue reading

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