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When anti-Mac fanatics hate my articles…

…they *really* hate my articles. Check out this ridiculous email I just received from Dave McElhaney:

Ive never read your articles before and I probably will never again after the first paragraph. Macs are hackable as well except no one cares about macs enough to make a virus or hack them. Also it would affect a total of 50 people who have macs but i think its up to 60 now because stupid kids going green love macs for some reason.

Wow, that’s a whole heap of unnecessary rudeness and stupidity. Really? 60 total Mac users in the world? Those things must be *really* expensive for Apple and Steve Jobs to maintain profitability. I guess that’s why Jobs only takes a $1 salary per year.

I suspect it was in reply to this O’Reilly article. I mean, look at the passion I was able to ignite in this moron with my mere words. Awesome.

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  • Goobi 12/30/2008, 9:36 am

    How come I never got one of these! You lucky sod!

  • Busby 12/31/2008, 9:33 am

    well, one has its own will, but, they as always they don't think before they said that.

  • Haber 1/2/2009, 5:47 am

    plant and talk to the chemists running it, you’ll immediately realize that for most medicines, manufacturing is extremely complicated, expensive, and sometimes even dangerous work. It’s also highly regulated, and it should be