Sample The Web Podcast: FourTrack edition

I’m thinking about relaunching my podcast as a schizophrenic discussion between me, myself, and I now that I had a chance to play around with FourTrack (direct link; will launch iTunes Store), a new recording app for the iPhone that I grabbed over the weekend for $9.99. It’s the best audio recording application for the iPhone to date, because you can record audio of unlimited length (well, limited by the ammount of free space on your iPhone), record 4 different tracks in 44.1kHz 16-bit, and it’s all available via a nifty WiFi sync between your computer and your iPhone.

Here’s the initial test podcast recorded with it (with one slight edit in GarageBand to remove foul language):

iTunes gave my podcast the boot from the iTunes Store without a warning because of lack of updates. They notified me after the removal. Yay for no warnings! :-b

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