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Twitemperature: We’re number 1!

Gotta love being the first site mentioned in a list of Five Awful Sites Built on the Twitter API! I’m just honored that Twitemperature was mentioned in the same breath as Cursebird. I could watch that site for hours (if I didn’t have tons of other stuff to do).

But, seriously, Lee Matthews, next time you bother to kick a new site in the shins, why not read the FAQ first so you know how to criticize it correctly? That’s the type of extra researching that served me back when I was one of the first bloggers on Download Squad. The same tactic has served journalists well for years. Blogging’s not just about being a “Quick Draw McGraw” with your judgments. :-D

We’re not some silly popularity contest based on followers. Twitemperature is based on how much what you’re yammering on about syncs up with the online trends that are happening with what everyone else is yammering on about. We’re going to add some more things eventually, but right now, that’s what drives it, and it would seem that a lot of people are having fun with it.

Also, big shout out to Brian Alvey for the nice post about our launch. I don’t know if we’ll bother adding songs, but I do have a Foreigner reference in one of the rotating messages for cold temperatures.

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  • canape 11/19/2008, 9:20 pm

    Damn you, CK, for getting that song stuck in my head right before I’m about to go to bed.

  • c.k. 11/20/2008, 8:35 am

    haha sorry!