Announcing Twitemperature: Find out how relevant your Tweets are right now.

Getting warmer!

Twitemperature measures whether you are hot or cold on the current topics of concern to the Twitter community.

I just wanted to take a moment to announce a little weekend project of mine and Ryan’s: Twitemperature. I got the idea last week while watching all the storm of activity around Twitterank (don’t worry; we won’t ask for your password), I registered the domain, I pinged Ryan with my ideas of how it would work, and he slapped it together over the weekend.

We have a FAQ that explains it in more detail, but basically you enter your Twitter name (or the Twitter name of anyone really) and we poll your last couple of hundred tweets and compare what you’re talking about against all the current online hot trends that everyone else on Twitter is talking about. We also have a list of penalties that can work against you in order to try to prevent spammers from always being hot. The temperature gauge is extremely dynamic, so feel free to check back regularly, and please tell all your friends about us. I hope everyone really enjoys this tool. We have plans for several updates like leader-boards, overall Twitter community temperature, and tracking people’s highest and lowest temperatures, but this was all we could squeeze in in one weekend, so hopefully this is enough for you to think it’s cool and worthwhile.

You can follow us on Twitter here.

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4 Responses to Announcing Twitemperature: Find out how relevant your Tweets are right now.

  1. Anfeliz says:

    Twitemperature didn’t recognize me as user on twitter… why??

  2. c.k. says:

    Hey Anfeliz,

    It’s because your tweets are protected. Unfortunately, we can only scan your tweets if you make them public.



  3. Chris says:

    No… My ‘tweets’ are protected and it says im over 4k degrees. I only used it for free international texting. Stupid Twitter.

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