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It’s official

There’s a bit of news that got lost in the shuffle of this week: I’ve officially joined the Crowd Fusion team full time now as Director of Content Marketing. Discerning readers will have noticed the update in the sidebar and on my LinkedIn profile. I’d been consulting with them since September, but November 1st marked my official transition from Social Media Consultant to Director of Content Marketing. I’m really excited about this position, as it’s a shift from working on product planning, team management, and editorial duties to focusing in on the best strategies for positioning the great content we’re producing with Crowd Fusion’s CMO, Steve Friedman. Over the last several years, under the tutelage of Jason Calacanis, I’ve learned quite a lot about internet startups and the business of building great products, and I’m glad to be continuing the expansion of that knowledge with a new startup working in areas that have not been my primary focus in the past.

What’s really great about it is that I’m still able to keep my fingers in all the areas I’ve worked in in the past, especially the editorial end product. I’ve been contributing quite a few posts and features over at Obsessable, and I’m now one of the editors of that site. It’s exciting to be helping and watching a technology site grow again, and I can’t wait to share some of the things we have on the horizon with all of you.

In the meantime, in case you missed it, make sure you enter our contest to win an 8GB iPod nano. The contest ends tomorrow at midnight Eastern time and we’ll announce the winner on Monday at noon. The winner will be randomly picked from all qualified entries and there are currently only 143, so those are pretty good odds.

Also, in the spirit of including totally unrelated and frivolous pictures in serious posts that don’t have pictures to accompany them, here’s my latest comic from Screaming Tongue:
I knew there was something I'd forgotten...

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  • sean percival 11/8/2008, 12:12 pm

    heyyyyyyyy your title has one more word than mine!!!

    jk, congrats!

  • Craig 11/10/2008, 7:05 am

    Welcome on board CK. We are lucky to have you. As I’ve said many times in the last couple of months. East Coast FTW.

  • Jesse Middleton 11/10/2008, 7:44 am

    Congrats CK! I’m sure you’ll make a wonderful addition to the team and I do hope you keep up writing on the blog. It’s always interesting to hear your point of view on today’s hot topics.

  • c.k. 11/10/2008, 7:46 am

    Thanks, Craig. Thanks, Jesse. Don’t worry. I don’t think I’ll ever stop blogging here until I actually stop (as in breathing). ;-)

  • barb dybwad 11/12/2008, 7:43 pm



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