So, Apple is having an event today. We’ll be covering it over at Obsessable, so check back there later.

However, my personal prediction: the buttonless glass trackpad seen in the spyshots that have leaked online will actually be a multi-touch capable touchscreen display a la the iPhone / iPod Touch’s display. This is based on one of my sources who has been wrong in the past, but who has also been right a few times, and this time I think my source may be right.

Also, while I’m prognosticating: there will be no $800 Apple laptop, no Apple TV integrated television with network access per Jason’s rumor, and no iTablet. Apple’s stock will go down after the event, but then go back up a few weeks later. Place your bets!

UPDATE: Well, I was wrong about the trackpad. I meta-liveblogged the event with some commentary over at Obsessable.

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