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That’s great. It starts with an earthquake…

So with all the doom and gloom news about the market and all the Web 2.0 bubble talk, I’ve been walking around humming R.E.M.‘s It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine):

…and, by the way, I do feel fine.

Don’t get me wrong, I realize it’s bad. I’m just hoping it’s bad enough to wake people up from their narrow views. If you think I’m talking about the coming election, you’re wrong. Bush is out, which is good, and politicians are all politicians and I, personally, don’t have much faith in any of them.

Remember 1987, when R.E.M.’s song came out? It wasn’t wonderful back then. 20 years earlier? Even worse.

Life is cycles and swinging pendulums. Things seem to keep getting better in a lot of ways, but always bringing new types of bad along the way. That’s normal.

Reality check for my fellow internet workers: we’ve been making money from typing away at computers. That’s a blessing. We’ve not been digging ditches. People can still make money from typing away at computers. Nothing has stopped that, though it may be slowed. People can also still make money from digging ditches. There is more opportunity than there ever has been before. If you’re looking for a quick path to wealth, it rarely comes without time and a lot of effort, so buckle down, my friends. If you’re just looking to make it by day to day, that’s going to take time and effort too. That’s life. But it is doable. It is livable. Don’t give up.

Lenny Bruce is not afraid.

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