EVDO, HSDPA, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, or wait for WiMAX?

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I’ve been busy over at Obsessable and meeting up with the Crowd Fusion team last week. Barb has a great picture of yours truly demonstrating how abnormally high I can kick for a robust and rotund man:
The Patented CK Kick
Notice the blurring. Is it because I’m incredibly fast or because the iPhone’s shutter speed is incredibly slow? You may never know.

In any case, being in a hotel sharing shoddy WiFi with a bunch of heavy users combined with the problems Kristin and I have been having with our Cablevision connection at home as of late (it’s been going down daily and our TV is plagued with digital noise; a technician is coming Tuesday to look at it), has me thinking that I should get a broad range wireless solution as a nice backup for my home connection and to use for whenever I’m on the road / out on Long Island visiting Kristin’s parents. Randall wrote up a nice overview of HSDPA vs EVDO vs WiMAX, but I was wondering what you, my wonderful readers use.

Ideally, I’d love a solution that both gave me connectivity everywhere and some sort of WiFi access point account as well (like T-Mobile HotSpot or AT&T’s variant thereof). Also, all of the current options have a 5GB data cap per month (with the exception of T-Mobile who doesn’t appear to have good coverage yet in my area). How is a power user like me supposed to play Warhammer Online and stream Hulu videos wherever I go with a 5GB data cap?!

I’d love to hear what everyone uses / prefers and if you have any workarounds to get around that 5GB data cap. Right now I’m leaning towards just waiting until WiMAX is available.

ps—Remember, if you were thinking about buying a new Apple laptop, wait until after Tuesday. I’m probably going to get one of whatever they announce.

pps—Congrats to Mahalo and my old team on the homepage relaunch and redesign. Looks great!

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6 Responses to EVDO, HSDPA, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, or wait for WiMAX?

  1. srcasm says:

    Personally, I’ve been very happy with AT&T’s service. Their coverage is great and it CAN be used overseas if need be. For me, I used to travel a lot so having that extra ability to take it wherever I need to sold me on it.

    In addition, most of the cards have stopped doing unlimited plans and as you’ve said, T-Mobile doesn’t have the best coverage. I didn’t hit my 5GB limit but that’s not to say you won’t. You just need to take it easy with the card and hope they don’t blow you away with fees.

  2. dc says:

    Couldn’t be happier with Sprint’s service. Before I upgraded to the Diamond, I used PDAnet to tether my MotoQ to my laptop. Pretty good speeds though you probably won’t want to play Warhammer Online and stream Hulu videos over it too often. SERO program is the best bang for the buck!

  3. dc says:

    Oh wait, N/M, you are looking into a card solution… wait it out for WiMAX then!

  4. Nate says:

    I have used both the ATT 3g and the Sprint EVDO both are about the same in quality (ie they amount of coverage I have found is about the same) But I did like ATT 3g better just because it seemed to be twice as fast most of the time. (Although my iphone doesnt display this trait) Also the Sierra wireless cards are better then the other ones, also if I were you i would get one of those Wifi Access Points that share your 3g connection over wifi because I loved having that thing when i needed multiple computers connecting over the 3g connection.

  5. LEN says:


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