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And yet it still sucks…

Mashable has a post called Fring Delivers the Most Impressive VoIP and IM Client for iPhone so Far. That “so far” is very important here. Fring is another “sign up for our account and sign up for your other IM and Skype accounts through us” services, so it’s not a pure Skype client. Also, it took me about 10 times of entering in my login and password for it to actually recognize my Skype account. Once it finally did work, it was plagued by the same horrible delay that sometimes happens on native Skype itself, but much more frequently. For now, I’ll stick to using Skype on my laptop or on my PSP where there is a native client. We need a Skype native iPhone client that just does Skype; not one that does Skype and every other chat plus one from the provider that you have to sign up for and which you would never use if it weren’t for the Skype feature.

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