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AOL’s largely Republican audience

I visited the new AOL homepage today to see what the Facebook integration was like. It wasn’t horrible, although the big ugly animated medium rectangle ad about removing wrinkles sitting atop the Facebook integration *was* horrible. In any case, there … Continue reading

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Twitter vs Facebook: Differing audiences and convergence

Over the past two or three months, it seems that everyone I know from high school and college have discovered Facebook. I’m getting multiple friend requests per day. Actually, when I think about Facebook, it seems to work reverse-chronologically in … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Carving

Kristin and I carved our pumpkins Friday night. What do you think?

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What happens when you’ve been sitting on top of the world for so long and you start venturing into new markets? Google executives acknowledged the issue but said that the security features of the phone would limit the extent of … Continue reading

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I just installed the latest version of, version 3.0.0 Official Release, which on OS X no longer needs X11 to run, so it’s just like running any other native OS X office suite, except it’s free. Anyway, I launched … Continue reading

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