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HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1 with Google Android

The press conference announcing the T-Mobile G1 running Google Android is streaming live now. If you cannot watch now, the site notes that a On Demand version of the video will be available after the event. There’s lots of cool … Continue reading

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TimesPeople: The New York Times launches a social network and Facebook app

Interesting new things coming out of the New York Times today. TimesPeople is a social network for people reading the New York Times online, whereby they can recommend stories. It reminds me of a mashup between a sort of site-specific … Continue reading

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Heroes Season 3 Premiere

2 hours after a one hour long previously on Heroes clip episode… what do you think? Will it be any good? Does anyone remember what happened last season? I remember Adam, but I’m not sure what’s going on with Sylar. … Continue reading

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Warhammer Online: Switching Servers (Praag RvR)

After getting to level 7 with Krnk on my old Core server on [[[Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning]]], I came to the realization that the server just wasn’t gaining traction. It was a very low population server, and so the … Continue reading

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Storage in the Cloud: Amazon S3, Jungle Disk, DropBox, and Oosah

For several months now, I’ve been storing gigabytes of my data backed up on Amazon S3 for around $2-3 per month. That includes private buckets that duplicate data I have on my computer, a bucket containing a backup of my … Continue reading

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FrrriendFeed Talk Like a Pirate Day Fun

In case you missed the news, both Twitter and FriendFeed rolled out new page designs yesterday (how’s that for synchronicity?). In any case, today, FriendFeed already changed their new design slightly for Talk Like A Pirate Day:   Avast! Ye … Continue reading

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Warhammer Online bug – Nevermind. See update.

Last night I was questing on [[[Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning]]] for about an hour before bed (I’m level 4 already! w00t!), and unfortunately, I ran into the same bug twice in a row so I stopped playing for the … Continue reading

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