Things I wanted to try to do this weekend…

…but which I haven’t started yet and will need to be crammed into the rest of today or left for next weekend:
1. Attempt to install OS X on my Asus Eee PC
2. Install a version of Linux on my Asus Eee PC after I get bored with the only partially functional OS X installation.
3. Buy some stock.-Done.
4. Set up a lifestream section on this site using Sweetcron. Done: my lifestream is now here albeit, not yet as pretty as I’d like it to be.
5. Work on a painting sitting on my easel.
6. Sketch and draw and work on developing characters for Screaming Tongue. I doodled a bit.
7. Play some more Warhammer Online and level up a few times. Lvl 6 now!
I think the lifestream and the stock and the Warhammer Online are the only items that may actually get done at this point…

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