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Great Write-up of Crowd Fusion Platform and the Obsessable Launch over at RWW

This post, Blogging Dream Team Joins Forces to Challenge Engadget, TreeHugger and More, over at ReadWriteWeb, is a good intro look at Crowd Fusion, the company, Obsessable and the team working on the site, and Crowd Fusion the website publication platform. Check it out.

If you’re in the press and you want a tour of the Crowd Fusion platform, shoot me an email. ck at sampletheweb dot com and we’ll set something up.

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UPDATE: Duncan Riley’s The Inquisitr picked up the story too. I hope future stories that come out pick up on Randall Bennett and Evan Blass—both formerly of Engadget and Randall formerly of CNETTV—being integral to the workings of Obsessable. Of course, there’s also little old me, but I’m on the support team more than out there swinging the bat.

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