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More on the T-Mobile G1 with Google Android

So since I blogged about the T-Mobile G1 the other day, my team launched a really cool tech site and there’s a few T-Mobile G1 things you should definitely check out over there.

First, this T-Mobile G1 comparator compares the G1 with the RIM BlackBerry Bold 9000, the Apple iPhone 3G, the Tilt 8925 from AT&T, Nokia’s N95, the LG Voyager VX10000, and the Samsung Instinct. I think the G1 kills all the non-iPhone 3G phones on here. I wish it had more storage, though. I wonder how it compares with the original iPhone (which is what I currently have). Can’t wait until other Google Android phones are released and we can see a comparison like this of all the different Android phones. That will be amazing.

Secondly, Jeremy Goldstone wrote a great feature article, How does the T-Mobile G1 change the playing field? What do you think? I think it’s nowhere near as revolutionary as the iPhone’s entry into the arena, but it might be the catalyst to really lead to more revolutions, rather than keeping it all in Steve Job’s back pocket.

Also, I’m half expecting the device to crash all the time. It relies fully on the magic sync it has with all of Google’s cloud tools, but with all the recent Gmail outages, my past poor experience with Google support (when I was a paying Google Apps customer), the fact that Google Chrome running on my 64-bit Vista machine gives me a BSOD more than any other app because of pagefault errors, and because most of their stuff is still in beta—with all this, I won’t be surprised if this is just another beta platform that Google is only partially interested in supporting. If it gets more people to search with Google it’s a success for them. They don’t really need it to do much more than that, so they probably won’t throw their shoulders into the wheel the way they would need to to really make it great.

ps—this Joy of Tech is funny. Thanks, Evan D.!

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