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Google Chrome: Yet Another Browser

google chrome zomgLooks like Google Chrome, Google’s new browser, will be released tomorrow:

So check in again tomorrow to try Google Chrome for yourself. We’ll post an update here as soon as it’s ready.

I first spotted it via Techmeme’s tweet of the Kara Swisher’s article about Google Chrome. More info available here and the comic version is here and, of course, there’s a page on Mahalo: [[[Google Chrome]]].

It would appear to be based on Apple’s WebKit, so hopefully it will be available in both Windows and Mac OS X (nope. Details in the Update note below) flavors.

Remember when Safari was first released for Windows? I predict it will be something like that at first: disappointing.

However, within six months, it’ll be as good a piece of software as Picasa for Windows. Then shortly thereafter we’ll all be using Chrome and building extensions for Chrome and Google will finally own every inch of our internet experience, completing their domination of all things online. Then after we all start using Google Chrome, about 6 months later, it will start failing, just like Gmail, Google Apps, etc.

Let’s hope they don’t start targeting meatspace…

UPDATE: After rereading the official announcement in Google Reader, it looks like it’s a Windoze only Beta:

This is just the beginning — Google Chrome is far from done. We’re releasing this beta for Windows to start the broader discussion and hear from you as quickly as possible. We’re hard at work building versions for Mac and Linux too, and will continue to make it even faster and more robust.

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  • Tan 9/2/2008, 7:55 pm

    Very cool browser, fast, clean and simple. The only problem is that YouTube embedding is not working. See following website for example (click on Sample Video tab).

    Memory Imprint Studio

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