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A special Monday message from Prime Minister Thatcher

Thatcher posed for this Victorianesque portrait a couple of weeks ago when she first suspected we might be in for some economic turmoil. Her hope is that her steely composure will help you remain calm and resolute in the days … Continue reading

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Things I wanted to try to do this weekend…

…but which I haven’t started yet and will need to be crammed into the rest of today or left for next weekend: 1. Attempt to install OS X on my Asus Eee PC 2. Install a version of Linux on … Continue reading

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Great Write-up of Crowd Fusion Platform and the Obsessable Launch over at RWW

This post, Blogging Dream Team Joins Forces to Challenge Engadget, TreeHugger and More, over at ReadWriteWeb, is a good intro look at Crowd Fusion, the company, Obsessable and the team working on the site, and Crowd Fusion the website publication … Continue reading

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More on the T-Mobile G1 with Google Android

So since I blogged about the T-Mobile G1 the other day, my team launched a really cool tech site and there’s a few T-Mobile G1 things you should definitely check out over there. First, this T-Mobile G1 comparator compares the … Continue reading

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Twitter Staging

I just tried to go to Twitter to update everyone on how much my parrot Sonja was freaking out just now, when I encountered this error: Then when I click cancel, I get this error: Authorization Required This server could … Continue reading

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