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Steve Jobs’ 17 page obituary

No. Steve Jobs is not dead as of my writing of this blog post. In case you missed this yesterday, Bloomberg ran Steve Jobs obituary by mistake. Evidently, someone was updating it and accidentally clicked the publish button. Oops. Here’s … Continue reading

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Quick Test Sketch

Here’s a quick sketch on my new tablet using Art Rage 2.5: The screen is both touch sensitive as well as Wacom pen-savvy, but the touch sensitivity turns off when the pen gets near, so you can actually rest your … Continue reading

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You must watch this: Ubiquity for Firefox from Aza Raskin on Vimeo. That’s some full-fledged coolness. More info can be found via this tutorial, this project page, and Scoble’s post.

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Kara DioGuardi beat me out to be American Idol’s 4th judge

A lot of people have been asking what I’m doing next. Well, I was thinking about being American Idol’s 4th judge, but [[[Kara DioGuardi]]] beat me to it. It’s all good though. I’ve got other things planned…

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Manga Meme Me

I missed this meme because of all the upheaval of moving cross country, but this morning, I finally got the chance to play with Face Your Manga. The result of that tinkering is pictured with this post. I must say, … Continue reading

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