Steve Jobs’ 17 page obituary

No. Steve Jobs is not dead as of my writing of this blog post.

In case you missed this yesterday, Bloomberg ran Steve Jobs obituary by mistake. Evidently, someone was updating it and accidentally clicked the publish button. Oops.

Here’s the crazy part: it’s 17 pages long. I have no doubt that he’s done amazing things and there will be several books written about Steve Jobs after his death, but 17 pages worth of obituary? Really? Reality distortion field in effect (there’s a “reality distortion field” section in the obit on page 2). Gawker posted the entire thing, in case you want to read it.

The big thing I’m wondering is if Steve Jobs has read it yet, and, more interesting for me to imagine, did he come across it on Bloomberg and have that very surreal moment of recognition and existential panic (Wait, they think I’m dead; I’m not dead; how do I let them know; wait, am I dead?) or did he read it later on Gawker and think, “Heh. Stupid Bloomberg interns…”?

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One Response to Steve Jobs’ 17 page obituary

  1. Clare says:

    That could be awesome as well. I’d almost be curious as to what people would say about me when I die.

    This way he can suggest a few revisions. I’d be demanding things like mention of my plans for world peace, how I cured cancer, etc. Even though my major accomplishment everyday involves remembering to put on pants.

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