Quick Test Sketch

Here’s a quick sketch on my new tablet using Art Rage 2.5:
The screen is both touch sensitive as well as Wacom pen-savvy, but the touch sensitivity turns off when the pen gets near, so you can actually rest your hand on the screen while drawing, which is nice. You can also simply turn off the touch sensitivity and make it only work with the pen. I swapped out the default plastic tip in the pen with a felt tip from my Wacom pens, which makes it feel much more natural. This sketch was 5 quick minutes of doodling at the most, but so far I’m pleased with the decision to go Tablet PC to fill my desire to actually sketch on a screen rather than on a separate tablet while I look at the screen. I am disappointed, however, that my regular Wacom pens don’t work with the Wacom Penabled screen on the HP tx2000. They have a better feel than the smaller short-pencil-like included HP pen.

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