Well over a year ago, I found myself leaving Netscape (now become Propeller) to look for new opportunities. Today, I find myself in a similar situation.

After a lot of thought and tough conversation, Kristin and I have decided to head back to New York. This certainly wasn’t the way we wanted things to play out when Jason first approached me about giving up the bi-coastal back and forth in order to help lead the next phase of growth for Mahalo‘s editorial team in sunny Santa Monica. We were in it for the long haul. Jason has been a good friend and a great mentor to me, and I am thankful for the opportunities, the trust, and the workload he has presented me with during my time at Mahalo, and before Mahalo, at both Netscape and Weblogs, Inc.

Unfortunately after giving LA a good year, our apartment back in New York has remained unsold and largely as a result of that situation, Kristin and I find ourselves still unacclimated to LA and homesick for our East Coast life.

I’m leaving a great team of people at Mahalo behind, but I’m confident that they’re capable of continuing the growth of the company without me and I’ll continue to be a strong supporter and cheerleader of Mahalo in the future.

As always, my primary interests are writing, editing, education, community building, and creating great content for all the information hungry audiences out there. With that in mind, I’m looking to do some creation, whether it be a new book, new articles, new blogging, or perhaps serving as a consultant for a new enterprise. As a former professional blogger, former social news editor, and Editorial Director of a human-powered search engine, I’m well versed in Web 2.0 (and finding the path to Web 3.0), in building audiences, in growing online communities, in managing sizable workforces (whether they be local or remote), and in coming up with new ideas that will help grow great products. If you’re looking for someone with these skills, then we should talk. I’m always reachable via ck at sampletheweb dot com or you can direct message me on Twitter. Here’s a resume over at Emurse (run by my pals Alex and Gavin) and make sure you check out my LinkedIn profile.

I have a few ideas about some possible projects of my own as well. For now, though, I need to pack and plan the move home.

16 thoughts on “New York, Mahalo, and the future…

  1. Congrats (I guess!). I don’t know how you stood to be on the West Coast for as long as you did (no offense to the West Coast, but I’m an East Coast boy myself).

    Can’t you be the New York branch of Mahalo? :)

  2. Ya know… I really had hoped that LA would win you over yet. What you don’t like traffic, smog and more traffic?

    It was an honor to work with you and wish you the best in your future travels. So long and Mahalo for all the fish!

  3. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re leaving Mahalo. It’s been fantastic working with you and I wish you and Kristen all the best the world has to offer. You will be terribly missed.

  4. Dagnabbit, I was hoping to lure you up to Portland somehow before you closed the door on the West Coast experience, but it sounds like the decision is not only what’s necessary but (more important…) what you want. Best wishes for a safe move back to NY and I’m always looking forward to what you’ll do next.

  5. There is a lot of call from smaller, non-tech-minded companies for a Web 2.0 consultant. Someone who can come up with a great plan to leverage blogs, Twitter, and social media in order to propel their brand to the next level. Would love to talk to you about this more. I think we sometimes forget working on the cutting edge how many steps we are ahead of most of the world, or how mysterious all this stuff seems to the majority.

  6. won’t be the same without you man,
    really brought a fun loving and hard working spirit that is so much a part of mahalo

    lucky is the company that brings you on board

  7. Wow! You will be missed tremendously. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you. I really admire and respect your dedication and the ways that you made everyone feel like an essential, important part of the team. Tyler said it best: lucky is the company that brings you on board. I wish you and your family the best with the move and with future ventures. Thank you you so much for your guidance, support and motivation.

  8. Awe man this sucks, sorry to see you go! the original pool house five has been broken up :( But welcome back to the east side!


  9. Good luck with whatever happens next CK, I know how the Mahalo team must feel as we went through it when you left Netscape. Wherever you go you always have an impact.

  10. Congrats man. It was pretty obvious that you were unhappy here in L.A. Now that I’m going to be an East Coaster as well, maybe we can grab a drink when I swing out to NY or if you roll though Boston.

  11. Thanks everyone!

    Trevor, someday… someday…

    Shmuly, I’ve had them ban your account. ;-)

    Juan, love Boston and would love to meet for a drink next time I’m visiting.

    Tyler, Angie and Bunny, you’re far too kind.

    Ray, *sigh* the pool house…

    Keith, thanks!

    Nicole: as usual, you are completely 100% correct.

  12. You comin’ east!?!?………we can start our long walks on the beach again! You and me….just the sand and the sea……oh wait, we don’t do that anymore. Never mind.
    Glad you’re coming back.

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