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Dinner with Jason Ball

Last night, my good friend Jason Ball was in town, passing through on a business trip. He stopped by Mahalo HQ, I gave him the nickel tour, and then Kristin, him, and I went out to dinner at Cecil’s Ribs … Continue reading

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Testing image upload from WordPress iPhone app

Yes! It worked! Now if I could only get it to upload to S3 rather than to my server….

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Posting from the new WordPress App for iPhone

Wow. This is pretty cool Wish it worked in landscape mode, too. I can even add live pictures from the camera or my photo library. Check out these screenshots of the app in action. Update: Oops. Looks like I have … Continue reading

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What’s on your iPhone?

So you have the new 2.0 software installed and you’ve thrown a bunch of applications from the App Store on your iPhone. Tell us: what’s on your iPhone? Here’s a (already slightly outdated) set of screenshots of what is on … Continue reading

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AT&T Customer Support Nightmare: A week without my iPhone…

Friday before this past Friday, I returned home from a friend’s birthday party and was browsing around online before bed. I found a forum on AT&T where several people noted that they’d upgraded to 2.0 with no problem whatsoever even … Continue reading

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Bend to my will

New blog cards back on Flickr – Photo Sharing!. The new green-friendly Moo blog cards I ordered a few weeks back came in yesterday. The above pic is of the back of the cards with my contact info (minus cellphone). … Continue reading

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How to fix iPhone not saving pictures

Those of you who follow me on Twitter, or who read the sidebar of this blog, know that I’ve had a rather unfun week with a non-functional iPhone due to Apple and AT&T confusion after the iPhone 2.0 update. Thankfully, … Continue reading

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