WordPress 2.6

I just installed WordPress 2.6. So far, so good. It has a new “Press This” bookmarklet that is a bit snazzier. Pretty cool.

Update: It doesn’t look like everyone loves WordPress anymore. Spam Karma just went opensource (GPL) and one of the major reasons was discontinuing updates and support due to WordPress:

In a word: WordPress kinda sucks nowadays. Its retarded upgrade rate makes it nearly impossible to keep up, in turn making it a constant security threat on my servers. And each time I finally cave in and install one of those “mandatory security upgrade”, it also installs 600 Ko of other theme compatibility-breaking fluffy crap that I never asked for in the first place. Usually setting the ground for the next cycle of security-exploit-rushed-upgrade. To sum up, it’s become incredibly bloated and tedious to support. Replacing it on my own servers is very high on my list of things to do (which means somewhat in the first 1000 items).

Having no interest for WordPress anymore, I have thus very little interest for WordPress-related development.


And here I was just thinking, “Neat! They added wiki-like history to posts!”

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  1. james says:

    I’m getting tired of all the new versions coming up so quickly, I manage a lot of websites that run WP, I like WP but I think they are going over board.
    If we talk about security, I understand a patch or something but… I can honestly compare WP development to Microsoft in some way.

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