Consider yourself pwned, Block!

So Ryan’s bragging about being on the first page of Google for a search for his first name. Welcome to the club*. ;-)

Sakes alive, I'm #5!

*Note: A search for either c.k. or ck yields the same results.
ps—Pass it on! It’s a Ryan Block-inspired ego-search-meme!

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3 Responses to Consider yourself pwned, Block!

  1. Ryan Block says:

    Now go by your real first name. Good luck on that one, Mr. President / Mrs. Senator.

  2. Ya no fair, too unique. At least you beat 4chan out though!

    ps. page 2 for “sean”

  3. fbz says:

    *smile* since i’ve had number one for my first name for so long, i started going for my handle as well. now i’m aiming for number one with my first name on google for other countries. i’m working my way up slowly on .de and .fr. blogged:

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