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Simpson’s Ride Premiere May 17, 2008

The line for the ride
I went with Kristin yesterday to serve as her photographer for covering the premiere of The Simpson’s Ride at Universal Studios. She wrote a post for TV Squad here that tells you all about it and has several of my photos credited to me. The bad news: they didn’t let us ride the ride. Evidently, the press wasn’t supposed to eat the food either, but they didn’t tell us that until after Kristin and I had already been through the line and were coming back for seconds. ;-)

Here’s some choice others from the event that I uploaded to a Flickr set: Simpson’s Ride Premiere May 17, 2008 – a set on Flickr

ps—Why doesn’t Flickr let you embed slideshows of Flickr sets?

UPDATE: Thanks to Sean pointing to Flickrslidr in the comments, here’s a slideshow of the set:

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

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