EEC Society’s EIMI Page Updated

I received a nice email this week from Mike Webster, editor of Spring,The Journal of the E. E. Cummings Society:

C. K.,

Surfing for something else, I found your literature page and the comments on the new and old editons of EIMI. (For some reason Google — or was it Microsoft?– wouldn’t let me access any of your sample-the-web pages. The page would come up and them be whited out. In its place a message that said Explorer could not open the page. I accessed the page using my Netscape browser. You feuding with those big boys?.)

I want to tell you about a recent change in the EEC Society’s EIMI page. The primary EIMI site is now a notes page, with annotations keyed to the page numbers of both the new and old editions. It’s at: . I hope that EIMI’s few readers will find the notes helpful. At the very least, the photos of Dana and Charles Malamuth should be entertaining to devotees of the book. I’ve put the old page with the preface to the Grove edition at the following URL: .

Mike Webster

P. S. By the way, I’m enjoying reading your M.A. thesis “Egotist EIMI: Cummings’ Russian Experience.”

Very cool resources for E. E. Cummings fans, scholars, and readers of EIMI.

If you’re interested in reading my thesis, you can find it here: Egotist EIMI: Cummings’ Russian Experience (200KB PDF).

Also, are there any other IE readers of this blog having problems seeing my site? Might I suggest that you switch to Firefox, while I look into the problem. ;-)

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