Grand Theft Auto 4 Cheats

Last night, I was watching Eliot Phillips play GTA4 on my PS3. He was just going through all the missions one at a time and we didn’t see the money tally or anything like that and he was having trouble finding weapons, so I was starting to think that they had stripped the game of all the things that made the previous version awesome. However, I took the controller and played for about 30 minutes. Mugged someone and got some money off of them first thing. Cha-ching. Then I tried to go for an absolutely absurd killing spree, which has always been my favorite thing to do with the Grand Theft Auto games. That and trying to get the main character killed in creative ways.

Things I’ve discovered: you cannot wreck a motorcycle as easily as you used to be able to in previous versions of the game. You basically have to ram the motorcycle full speed into an on-coming car to achieve flight. However, when you do achieve flight, it’s pretty awesome. Also, I managed two wrecks where Niko got totally thrown from the car, flying out of the window. Very cinematic.

As I was playing, Eliot looked up Mahalo’s GTA 4 Cheats page and we entered in this code using the cellphone:

Spawn Annihilator: 3595550100

This spawns a big helicopter. Unfortunately, we spawned the thing right next to some trees so when I tried to take off, the blades hit into the tree trunk and broke off and the copter died. Then cops came up and shot me as I tried to punch them. C’est la vie.

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