Chris Anderson from Wired at Mahalo HQ today

chris Anderson at mahalo hq
[[[Chris Anderson]]] from Wired and author of The Long Tail and the upcoming Free! came by Mahalo HQ today and talked to us about the economy of free. Very interesting.

Here’s Part One of the talk:
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And here’s part two:
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Simpson’s Ride Premiere May 17, 2008

The line for the ride
I went with Kristin yesterday to serve as her photographer for covering the premiere of The Simpson’s Ride at Universal Studios. She wrote a post for TV Squad here that tells you all about it and has several of my photos credited to me. The bad news: they didn’t let us ride the ride. Evidently, the press wasn’t supposed to eat the food either, but they didn’t tell us that until after Kristin and I had already been through the line and were coming back for seconds. ;-)

Here’s some choice others from the event that I uploaded to a Flickr set: Simpson’s Ride Premiere May 17, 2008 – a set on Flickr

ps—Why doesn’t Flickr let you embed slideshows of Flickr sets?

UPDATE: Thanks to Sean pointing to Flickrslidr in the comments, here’s a slideshow of the set:

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