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Best Evil Robots

We have a list up at Mahalo that I contributed to: Best Evil Robots. My pick was Bicentennial Man:

Director Chris Columbus must be a sick, depraved individual to have thought: “Hey, I think I’ll follow up on [[[Mrs. Doubtfire]]] with a sequel of sorts. Except instead of a cross-dressing man invading the privacy of his ex-wife’s life, I’ll have a robot, played by the same actor, infiltrate a family. Over the course of 200 years, he can trick everyone into acknowledging him as a sentient being, all the while waiting and biding his time, trying to marry the youngest daughter of the family Then when that doesn’t work out, I’ll have him fall in love with her daughter!” Creepy! Meanwhile, as we all know from The Terminator franchise, sentient robots = doomsday.

Feel free to suggest evil robots we’ve missed and comment on the message board. You can also Digg it here.