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Best Fictional Brands

Following up on the fun that was our [[[Best Evil Robots]]] page, the Mahalo team has built a new page: [[[Best Fictional Brands]]]. I contributed the Lost brands section: Now things get very bizarre in the current season of Lost, … Continue reading

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Andrew Keen, The Cult of the Amateur, Citizen Media, and Web 3.0

[[[Andrew Keen]]] was at Mahalo HQ today to talk about his book Cult of the Amateur and what he thinks of Mahalo and what we’re doing. It was an interesting discussion, which you can watch right here (fast forward until … Continue reading

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Best Evil Robots

We have a list up at Mahalo that I contributed to: Best Evil Robots. My pick was Bicentennial Man: Director Chris Columbus must be a sick, depraved individual to have thought: “Hey, I think I’ll follow up on [[[Mrs. Doubtfire]]] … Continue reading

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You’d look grumpy too if you had to lay all those eggs…

Happy Easter!

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Last one of these, I swear…

“I’m winning!”

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