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How To Speak French – Director’s Commentary

Mahalo Daily has followed up this morning’s excellent French episode with the Director’s Commentary. Check it out: Advertisements

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How to Speak French

If you’ve ever watched a Godard film, you’ll enjoy today’s Mahalo Daily on [[[How To Speak French]]]: YouTube: How To Speak French Related: [[[How to Speak French]]], [[[Valentine’s Day]]], [[[French]]], [[[Jean-Luc Godard]]], [[[How to Learn Basic Phrases in Any Language]]]

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Grammys in 60 Seconds

Miss the Grammys? Here’s the Grammy Winners and the entire show in 60 seconds:

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Grammy 2008 Live Coverage

We’re live-blogging the Grammy’s over at Mahalo’s Grammy 2008 Live Coverage page. If you want a more condensed view, you can check out our [[[Grammy Winners 2008]]] page. As soon as performances start making their way online, you’ll be able … Continue reading

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Back to square one…

Well after several months of modding my Eee PC, I’m back to the default configuration. I was trying to reinstall the touchscreen which had failed several weeks ago after a drop. It looks like the controller board for the touchscreen … Continue reading

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E.E. Cummings’ EIMI

Last night, I was on Goodreads obsessively marking up all the books I could think of that I’ve read. I really am loving this website and I had no idea it even existed until we integrated it into the profile … Continue reading

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Watch the Super Tuesday Results Roll in Live at Mahalo

We’re following all the Super Tuesday Results as they roll in and updating all of our pages on each of the candidates live. Make sure you watch the [[[Super Tuesday Results]]] page where you can see all the updates at … Continue reading

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