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Digital Curator

Steve Rubel has an interesting post about digital curation up on Micro Persuasion. I’ve been thinking something similar since I came across Kevin Kelly’s The Bottom is Not Enough earlier this week. Rubel mentions how Mahalo is doing digital curation, … Continue reading

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Kristin featured in today’s Mahalo Daily

She’s the one beating the guy with the stick of bread: My advice to Raj (the guy she’s beating) before the shoot: “Cover your eyes. She’s fierce and she likes to go for the eyes!” More on this here: [[[How … Continue reading

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How To Speak French – Director’s Commentary

Mahalo Daily has followed up this morning’s excellent French episode with the Director’s Commentary. Check it out:

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How to Speak French

If you’ve ever watched a Godard film, you’ll enjoy today’s Mahalo Daily on [[[How To Speak French]]]: YouTube: How To Speak French Related: [[[How to Speak French]]], [[[Valentine’s Day]]], [[[French]]], [[[Jean-Luc Godard]]], [[[How to Learn Basic Phrases in Any Language]]]

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Grammys in 60 Seconds

Miss the Grammys? Here’s the Grammy Winners and the entire show in 60 seconds:

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