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Steve Rubel has an interesting post about digital curation up on Micro Persuasion. I’ve been thinking something similar since I came across Kevin Kelly’s The Bottom is Not Enough earlier this week.

Rubel mentions how Mahalo is doing digital curation, and he’s right. That makes me and my entire team digital curators. Of course, I’ve been doing digital curation for a while now, I guess. At Netscape (now Propeller), we were trying to add verified information to the wave of social news flowing in with metajournalism and original reporting on top of the news.

Even before that, I’d been blogging (on my own and with other sites) since 1999. Much of deciding what’s worth blogging and what to say on a blog is digital curation. It’s riding the stream of information and gleaning the best bits, the niche bits, the odd bits that may actually be capable of communicating something meaningful.

So I’m a digital curator. It’s a label I’m willing to take on, because I’m good at it.

And now for something completely random. Here’s a picture of Kristin, me, Marian and Curt riding on the Ghost Rider at Knott’s Berry Farm today:
ghost rider
Note: We bought a copy of this picture, so it’s not like I’m totally stealing it by taking a picture of the monitor with my iPhone.

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