Back to square one…

Well after several months of modding my Eee PC, I’m back to the default configuration. I was trying to reinstall the touchscreen which had failed several weeks ago after a drop. It looks like the controller board for the touchscreen totally failed as I used new wires, soldered everything carefully and no luck. What’s worse, after I had the Eee all opened up, I thought, “Hey why not take that USB plug off of the board of the 16GB Corsair drive (that I had installed and which was allowing me to dual boot into Kubuntu and XP) to make more room for the wiring of the touchscreen.” Unfortunately, as I was removing said plug with a little bit more brute force than I should have, one of the solder points popped free from the board. So there’s probably some way to fix it, but such things are beyond my novice soldering skills.

So, no touchscreen. No 16GBs of extra space. No Kubuntu install. Just my Eee running XP like a champ. That’s not too shabby. It’s a little disappointing after all the tinkering I’d been doing (and the money spent on the mods), but I did have fun doing all those mods and the Eee still works and I still love it.

I might try to resurrect some of these mods down the road, but for now, I’m going to stop cracking my Eee open every weekend and stick to using it for a lot of my computing needs.

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One Response to Back to square one…

  1. frames says:

    Too bad all of this will lead you to abandon Kubuntu on the Eee PC.

    I just saw and published a (somehow sadly related) video of a brave french guy that abused his Eee PC pretty bad. It survived several drops.

    My site’s in Spanish and the original video is in French, but you’ll get the point … Watch carefully. It hurts seeying that.

    BTW, I just posted about your experience in order to warn our readers not to hit their Eee’s too much if they’ve got a touchscreen installed. Hope you don’t mind.

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