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E.E. Cummings’ EIMI

Last night, I was on Goodreads obsessively marking up all the books I could think of that I’ve read. I really am loving this website and I had no idea it even existed until we integrated it into the profile pages on Mahalo (here’s some more info on [[[Goodreads]]]). On a whim, I decided to punch in EIMI, which was E.E. Cummings’ great book that had been out of print for over 30 years. I have a first edition copy of the book, and I wrote my Master’s Thesis on it. I was totally and utterly surprised to find out that Liveright finally republished the book and there it was sitting on Goodreads in a paperback form that people are actually reading. I’d written Liveright numerous letters about EIMI in the past, begging them to republish it and even asking for permission to republish it myself, but, now that it’s happened, I have to say that I am somewhat dismayed by the move. I was prepared to self-publish the book online as soon as it fell out of copyright, but now, I’m pretty sure, the copyright will be extended again. If not, I will publish it online, and work on building my own annotated version of it (this was going to be my dissertation project when I ultimately gave up on the Ph.D.), as I’ve scanned the entire first edition. I even made a poster out of it:
EIMI poster
In any case, if you like E.E. Cummings and you’re interested in reading what amounts almost to a prophecy of the future failure of the Soviet Union, written from the viewpoint of an author who believed in Being over Unbeing (EIMI is Greek for “I am”; a declaration of existence) when it was fashionable for writers to think the Great Soviet Experiment would be the savior of humanity, then you should read this book. If you like my blog and what I write, consider buying it from Amazon here and thereby putting a little coin in my pocket:

I ordered my copy last night, and Amazon says it’s on the way. Time to read it for the 5th time.